Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation allows you to manage all your debt in one payment. A debt management plan is create for you by our debt counsellors to pay off creditors. Your monthly payments to us a licensed debt management company will be shared between your creditors.

If you would like to start debt consolidation get in touch with us and our debt counsellor will arrange your debt management plan. At the start of debt consolidation our debt counsellors will work out your current financial position with your assets, debts, income and creditors.

There are many ways to consolidate your debts. In most cases you can consolidate your debts or outgoings into one lower affordable monthly payment.

Debt Consolidation

Here are the benefits of Debt Consolidation.

  • Replace multipledebt repayments with a single monthly payment
  • Cut your monthly costs
  • Know exactly when your debts will be repaid (certain debt solutions only)
  • Stop 'juggling' multiple debts - and multiple lenders
  • Write off the debt you can't afford (certain debt solutions only)

There are various debt consolidation products that are available to over-indebted consumers. Below is a list of the different debt consolidation options to choose: