Credit Analysis

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Your credit record is a concise report of your credit history that shows potential creditors how you have managed your finances and if you are a safe debtor in the eyes of companies and individuals who have dealt with you before in a financial capacity. At Libertine Consultants, we can help you to make sense of this important document.

Credit Analysis

It is important to understand the information on your credit report that could potentially affect your credit score negatively. For instance, there are certain parts that could be updated or removed to improve your score if you have already addressed the outstanding debt it refers to.

A credit analysis will give you a detailed breakdown of each account, its status, how it affects your credit profile and what can be done to improve it. This service is available at a nominal fee or R50.00 and includes in-depth classification of the negative information on your profile.

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Included in the R50.00 is a credit report and a in-depth analysis of your credit report.
This will tell you what is the cause of the negative score on your credit report.

Credit Checks

A credit check is essentially a report from a registered credit bureau that shows which of your accounts are in arrears, which are paid up and if any of your accounts have judgments against it. You can contact any of the registered South African credit bureaus for an annual report free of charge. Once you have this information, you can then get in touch with Libertine Consultants to request a credit analysis.

Credit bureaus

A credit bureau is a historic record of how you manage your credit commitments. This information may either be positive or negative depending on how you have managed your accounts. The report given by the credit bureaus determine the final decision when a consumer applies for bond or any credit agreement, which is why this information is a matter of public record.

Would you like more information on your personal credit report and what it means? To proceed with a Libertine Consultants credit analysis please use the link below to fill out the form. Once we have all the necessary information, a consultant will be in touch to walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

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