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Empower yourself through proper debt counselling.

What exactly is debt counselling?

Simply put, debt counseling is the process by which a qualified professional sits down with you to analyse your budget and draw up a manageable repayment plan to settle your outstanding accounts.

To start with we'll compare your monthly income to your set monthly expenses to determine where your money is going to and ensure that you are able to take care of yourself and your family while you settle your debts.

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This gives us the necessary perspective to determine where we can make adjustments to improve your cash flow. Once your budget has been finalised, we then look at how we will divide the rest between your creditors.

The entire process of applying for debt counseling normally takes no longer than 60 working days and starts with the completion of a form (Form 16), which allows Libertine Consultants to apply for a court order on your behalf that allows us to restructure your debt repayments.

Please see our debt counselling faq's page for more questions and answers regarding debt counseling.

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