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Don’t wait until its too late.

The road to debt is very often paved with wishful thinking. The thinking is often that if you wait long enough, something will happen, the end of the month will never come and those creditors will not start calling.

The good news is that the creditors will stop calling. The bad news is that they are immediately sending you that wretched letter of demand. They are doing this because they know something that you don’t - they know that as soon as they send out that letter, you cannot later include their account in a debt review consolidation.

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The start of legal proceedings was previously marked by the issuing of a summons, which takes some time since the account first goes into legal, then to collecting agents/attorneys and only then the summons is drafted and issued by the court. So a consumer still had some time to redeem his situation or seek the help of a debt counsellor. Now the creditor can very easily and speedily send you a demand to ensure that you cannot include their account in a debt review.

In short, your creditors are swiftly reducing your options to get out of debt. Now is the time to think fast and act quickly. As soon as you know that face the problem of being unable to pay one or more of your creditors, or as soon as your spouse goes on maternity leave or gets retrenched, see a reputable, registered debt counsellor for advice. The advice should be free of charge and you are not committed to signing any application unless you know what is expected of you and what is expected of your debt counsellor.

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