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What you should expect from the debt review process

Debt review is a dynamic process that requires absolute trust and honesty between the debt counsellor and the individual seeking debt review. It is imperative that you divulge the information the counsellor requires truthfully so they may correctly interpret your unique circumstances and provide the best solution.

Once the counsellor has all the information they require they can then obtain updates balances from your creditors, work out a payment proposal and start the debt review process. All you have to do during this time is keep up with your payments* to the debt management company appointed by your counsellor.

*Please note that this amount is subject to change pending the negotiations with your creditors.

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The ideal result of a debt review is a court order that restructures your total debt obligations, resulting in extended contractual terms and a single lowered monthly instalment paid via a registered payment distribution agency. The agency then pays your creditors on your behalf according to the specifics of the court order until such time that your debt is paid in full or you are caught up with the arrears and capable of managing your own debt.

By partnering with our efficient, compassionate debt counsellors you'll ensure an open line of communication that will result in a smooth debt management process and timely settlement of your accounts.

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